WuBB Tour 4: Dream tour with castle, moor and animal observation

19,9 km

This route begins at the idyllically located Dorsten-Lembeck train station. You walk the Hohe Mark Steig for 12,7 km in a westerly direction. On the way you see the Lembeck moated castle and the Deutener Moor, until you get to the Rhader Kanzel after about 3,5 hours. With a bit of luck and a lot of rest, you have the chance to see the king of the forests there. Give yourself a break! Then you still have 7 km of hike ahead of you until you arrive in the beautiful town of Schermbeck.

Tips for on the go:

  • Lembeck moated castle with rhododendron park 
  • Picnic at the viewing platform in Rhad 
  • Stroll through Schermbeck or a cozy retreat 

Way back: 

With the RB 18 from the town hall of Schermbeck. 

All current connections can be found here:

Or the smart number for bus & train: 01806 50 40 30 (subject to a charge)



Distance: 19,9 kmDuration: approx. 05:00 hStart: Dorsten-Lembeck train stationDestination: bus stop Rathaus Schermbeck (RB18)Difficulty: hardAscent: 90 mDescent: 110 m

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