WuBB Tour 1: From the Heideweiher to the Rhine promenade

22,1 km

From the Feldmark train station, walk about 2 km on the hiking trail marked X1 until you reach the Hohe Mark Steig, which you follow for about 12 km. Your hike takes you to the Black Water, a charming heath pond surrounded by wooded dunes. Through the Diersfordter Forest you come to the Großes Veen moorland and Diersfordt Castle, where there is time for a lunch break. The path continues for 7 km to the Rhine promenade and the Auesee.

Tips for on the go: 

  • Picnic at Diersford Castle
  • Bathing at the Auesee 
  • nature observation platform 

Way back: 

To return to the train station at the end, you either walk 2 km to the Großer Markt bus stop or you add another 1,5 km on foot and walk all the way to Wesel train station. 

The trains run every hour, arrival and departure can be planned individually and up-to-date with the VRR route planner.

All current connections can be found here:

Or the smart number for bus & train: 01806 50 40 30 (subject to a charge) 



Distance: 22,1 kmDuration: approx. 05:45 hStart: Feldmark train stationDestination: Wesel train stationDifficulty: hardAscent: 80 mDescent: 80 m

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