Stage 03: Through the Üfter Mark deer area into the Münsterland

19,2 kmapprox. 05:00 a.mMedium

Experience the deer area Üfter Mark; discover bogs and streams; enjoy the impressive sight of "Schloss Lembeck".

Would you like a stage with dunes, forest and a view of the castle? Then this tour is just right for you.

The path to the trail takes you right through Altschermbeck and back out of the village. A little detour on the way to the right and you're already in the forest - in Deer area of ​​the Üfter Mark.

This can be very exciting, because with a bit of luck you will see the king of the forests - perhaps during your hike through the wooded area of ​​the Üfter Mark, or from the Observation pulpit on Rhader Weg, which gives you a wide view.

You alternate on soft forest paths, past meadows, through clearings in the direction of Witte Berge and Deutener Moore. the drifting sand dunes, the so-called "Witte Berge" and the Deutener Moor represent a vegetation that could not be more varied: pines, birches, oaks, sandy paths and the scent of conifers, which is particularly intense on warm summer days - an enchanting landscape.
Breathe in the wonderful atmosphere, take plenty of time to enjoy before moving on. A short distance through the forest and then you hike over the Rhader Mühlenbach, which is a welcome refreshment with its excellent water quality and a good opportunity for a rest.

The stream is largely fed by water from the Hohe Mark. This means that the water is nice and cool and rich in oxygen even in midsummer. Rare species still live here, such as the bullhead or the river lamprey.

An avenue leads you further through the landscape. At the memorial cross it goes back into the forest. The forest area encloses "Schloss Lembeck" and that's where your path will lead you. across. When the trees thin out and become a small avenue, you can take a look at the imposing castle. It is one of the most beautiful moated castles in the Münsterland. Once created by an unknown master builder towards the end of the 17th century. In its magnificent garden it houses over 250 different rhododendrons and azaleas, which transform the castle into a huge sea of ​​flowers when they are in bloom. A short detour to the castle is worthwhile, it welcomes every visitor with a fantastic backdrop.

Your hike on this eventful stage is coming to an end and an avenue will lead you to the idyllic little town of Lembeck.

Maybe you end your hike on the Hohe Mark Steig with a little rest? Or walk to Dorsten-Lembeck train station, where this stage ends...

Manuel Andrack on the Hohe Mark Steig Stage 3 at the Rhader Kanzel in the Üfter Mark. | © terres agency



Distance: 19,2 kmDuration: approx. 05:00 hStart: AltschermbeckDestination: Dorsten LembeckDifficulty: mediumAscent: 110 mDescent: 90 mMain way


Start: Parking on Weseler Str. 1, from there there is an access road with yellow signsDestination: Lippramsdorfer Str. 163 in 46286 Dorsten, parking is permitted on the right-hand side

Arrival by bus & train

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