Stage 02: Artfully across the country and through the new wilderness

25,5 kmapprox. 06:30 a.mschwer

From the "Bärenschleuse" it goes over the Issel; enjoy art and culture at the Pankok Museum; experience "Neue Wildnis at Dämmerwald"; listen to the rippling of the Mühlenbach.

On this stage, variety is capitalized and a real hiking pleasure!

Start at the "Bärenschleuse" in Wesel. A beautiful place that has nothing to do with bears. The lock was built in the Isselniederung in the early 17th century to regulate the water supply for the Wesel fortress. Restoration work ensured that the lock is still operational today. The name Bärenschleuse has its origin in the old term "Bär" for "lock".

Continue hiking along the Issel and let yourself be guided through the beautiful, rural area. Here there are fields and pastures alternating with arable land and small tree islands. Maybe you look for a nice spot and take a little break to breathe in the images of the landscape.

On your way back to an exciting place: That Pankok Museum Haus Esselt, the former residence of the artist Otto Pankok. An absolute natural and cultural pleasure! The beautiful property is located in the middle of a small forest area in a very romantic way on the Issel. The name "Haus Esselt" goes back to the river Issel flowing by. Guests are very welcome because the house is not a typical museum. People live and work here. The house can be visited on request.

After so much cultural enjoyment, your hike will take you to that Steinberg forest area, then through very different landscapes, to the next forest area, the twilight forest. Enjoy the silence that surrounds you. Something wonderful is happening here: the emergence of new wilderness and so it is also said: "Neue Wildnis Dämmerwald". The entire twilight forest is part of a European network of protected areas. With the securing of the old forest stands and the cessation of use, the forest can find its way back to its originality and becomes home to forest bats, wild cats, woodpeckers and deadwood beetles.

The twilight forest accompanies you, turns into the Lichtenhagen and almost approaches Altschermbeck. Once again it goes through the varied rural area, over the Mühlenbach and then, if you like, into the village.

Here you can continue your hike and let it end. Maybe with a good snack or a warm meal? Bon Appetit.

Manuel Andrack on the Hohe Mark Steig Stage 2 at the Otto Pankok Museum in Hünxe. | © terres agency



Distance: 25,5 kmDuration: approx. 06:30 hStart: BärenschleuseDestination: AltschermbeckDifficulty: hardAscent: 100 mDescent: 80 mMain way


Start: 51°41'03.0"N 6°40'06.0"EDestination: parking space at Weseler Str. 1, from there there is an access route with yellow signs

Arrival by bus & train

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