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29.07.2021 | News

Press release
Datteln, July 28, 2021 Your contact person: Dirk Lehmanski, Tel .: 02363 / 107-247

Explore our canal landscape, the Lippeauen and our Haard on three exciting opening hikes.
The Hohe Mark Steig covers 150 kilometers and leads from Wesel to Olfen through dense forests, dreamy moors, picturesque floodplain and lake landscapes. The route in Datteln connects our highlights: the Haard forest, the Lippeauen around Haus Vogelsang and the Dattelner Meer. Three natural landscapes of the Hohe Mark Nature Park, which we would like to present to you as part of our opening hikes. We invite you - whether young or old - to take part in our various tours and dates:

Tour 1: Water landscapes dates

  • August 21.08.2021, 13.00, XNUMX p.m., from Dorfschultenhof

Length of the round tour: approx. 11 kilometers / duration: approx. 4 hours

Before the start of the first tour, we would like to officially open the path through Mayor André Dora in Datteln. Starting at the Dorfschultenhof, all participants hikeinside then first one of the yellow access routes of the Hohe Mark Steig. Past the historic town hall and through the Höttingpark you will meet the main route of the Hohe Mark Steig at the canal. Is there a pot in the Datteln lock at the moment? Since the water landscapes are in the foreground on this circular route, you follow the canal to the Dattelner Meer. Once also a shipping route, the “old journey” is common to all participantsNext explore inside on the hike, a popular fishing spot. You will discover another historical building, do you already know which one? For the way back, make the curve turn to the new shipping route until you return to the Dorfschultenhof after a long rest.

Tour 2: oxen, storks and alpacas - a hike through the Lippeauen!

  • August 28, 14.00 p.m., from the Datteln lock

Length of the round tour: approx. 12 kilometers / duration: approx. 4 hours

On this circuit through the picturesque Lippeauen you will become an animal watcher. There is a lot of exciting things to discover: How many aurochs do you count? Is the stork's nest inhabited? What are the alpacas doing? Questions to answer after this hike. Once at Haus Vogelsang, all participants continue to hike towards the canal. Here, too, there is a lot to discover: Is there a "pot" in the lock? What cargo does he have on board? The best way to process the many impressions is by taking a long break at the end of the tour. This tour is especially exciting for families.

Tour 3: Forest and meadow tour

  • October 10th, 11.00 a.m., from the hiking car park "Sportplatz Ahsen"

Length of the round tour: approx. 14 kilometers / duration: approx. 5 hours

The circular hike leads all participants through the beautiful forest area of ​​the Haard. You can enjoy the soothing forest atmosphere and explore the beautiful landscape along the Hohe Mark Steig. Ornate paths on soft forest paths take you past interesting knowledge stations and are sure to provide one or the other aha moment. The hike continues to the area of ​​the former Ahsen fish ponds, you will discover bizarre wooden art along the way, a boulder from the Ice Age and even a relic of an old rocket station you will encounter on the tour. But mainly you enjoy the wonderful moments in nature. After a long rest, hike the last kilometers of the beautiful hike through further forest and meadow sections until we reach our starting destination again.

There is also a little surprise waiting for all participants in the opening hikes. Participation in the hikes is free of charge. During the hike we will use the hospitality of our local gastronomy and strengthen ourselves with a break together. Please take this into account. Please also think of sturdy shoes and weather-related clothing. The number of places is limited due to the hygiene measures to be implemented. The rules of the Corona Protection Ordinance valid at the time of the hike apply. Please register in advance with your first and last name, address and a telephone number at which you can be reached on the day of the hike to or by phone at 02363 / 107-383. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the hikes using the contact details provided.

Press report: Press and public relations work for the city of Datteln
Town hall Genthiner Strasse 8, 45711 Datteln
Telephone: 02363 / 107-247 or -235 Fax: 02363 / 107-444


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