Or: About the sense and use of signage.

If you are a guest, no matter where, then you are particularly attentive to the use and free space of the other. After all, you don't want to disturb or destroy anything.


And that's how it is in the Hohe Mark Nature Park; just that you don't necessarily always have someone around to talk to about it. But there are plenty of signs with information and rules of conduct. After all, the host has domiciliary rights here.

But some things are also taken for granted:


Fear of death - stress - high energy consumption - a hunted animal lacks reserves for foraging and caring for the offspring. Your dog also enjoys the walk on a leash.


Embers quickly become a big fire. Thank you for not smoking and not making fires in the forest.


Everything that grows has a purpose, enriches nature and pleases our eyes. Some are under nature protection. Pick nothing.
Hear the wind rustle, the branches snap, the birds chirp. Soft music that delights your heart. Keep quiet so as not to disturb the concert.

stay on track

Has someone ever stepped on your head? Small animals and plants say Thank you for staying on the trails.


Do you like it clean? The same goes for the forest, field and meadow dwellers and everyone who is a guest here. Just take back what you brought here! Or throw it in the rubbish bins at the hiking car park.


Heavy and large equipment is often required in agriculture and forestry. Thanks for you help to ensure that they always get to their place of work via the streets and you park in the marked hiking car parks.

Thank you for helping us to protect and preserve our nature.