LandStreifer+ “Across Botany”

26.4 km6: 45 hschwer

Picturesque waterways, idyllic river landscapes, fragrant forests and historical architecture await hikers.

Going on a really big tour? You can do this on our LandStreifer Plus between Olfen and Datteln in fabulous nature. Sometimes it goes to the Stever, sometimes over the Lippe, sometimes along the Wesel-Datteln Canal. Sometimes you walk on forest paths, sometimes on field paths and sometimes through the Shire. You will encounter animal landscapers and rare animal and plant species; historical architecture and building botany await you in picturesque surroundings. There is also a lot of forest, water reflections and space for relaxation. The path shows you a good stretch of the Hohe Mark Steig, takes you to the water route and connects you with a LandStreifer.

From wild to magically romantic, Stever can be anything. It meanders through meadows and fields. On its banks lie floodplains, beaches, forests and fields. Lots of wonderful spots and lots of beautiful ones
Vicinity. A landscape that is increasingly transforming into a pristine floodplain landscape.

Experience tips:

  • "Füchtelner Mühle"
  • Steveraue Nature Park House
  • Olfen natural pool
  • Building Botany Viewpoint
  • Poitou donkey & stork's nest on the Stever
  • Steverauen
  • Three-arch bridge
  • Date lock

Where are we going?

Your starting point is the Steveraue Nature Park House. From there you go clockwise on stage 6 of the Hohe Mark Steig towards Datteln and later along the Wesel-Datteln Canal. At the Recklinghäuser Straße canal bridge, turn right onto path X4, which is also an access path. Continue through the town of Ahsen and over the Lippe until you see the purple LandStreifer logo. It is the approximately 11 km long LandStreifer "Between Stever and Lippe". You follow this LandStreifer west to the water route of the Hohe Mark Steig, which you can recognize by the blue logo. Turn right and hike back along the water route towards Olfen you come back to the Hohe Mark Steig. Here you turn left to get back to your starting point, the Steveraue Nature Park House.



Distance: 26.4 kmDuration: 6:45 hStart: Steveraue Nature Park House, Kökelsumer Straße 66a, 59399 OlfenDestination: Steveraue Nature Park House, Kökelsumer Straße 66a, 59399 OlfenDifficulty: hardAscent: 90 mDescent: 90 mLandStreifer

Your Hosts

At this LandStreifer you will find the following hosts:

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