LandStreifer "Zwischen Stever und Lippe"

10.7 km02: 45 hMedium

Enjoy the landscape between Lippe and Stever. Hike through meadow landscapes and primeval forests.

The world between two rivers - beautiful to look at and with its own unique charm. Grandiose meadow landscapes will enchant you on this LandStreifer, because river meadows are a truly unique natural experience.

On the one hand, it's the lip that impresses. It is a right tributary of the Rhine and will accompany you on your hike for quite a while.

The history of the Lippe is exciting, because shipping on the Lippe goes back at least to Roman times. They used the river to transport their goods.

The Lippeauen are regularly flooded, are often designated nature reserves and are wonderful to look at. To this day, the Lippe is a very natural river that meanders through the landscape, mostly in its old riverbed.

On the other side is Stever, which attracts with its magical landscape. Animal landscapers keep nature beautiful here: Heck and Konik horses and Poitou donkeys. Then there are the “newcomers”: storks and wild geese that give birth to their young at this place.

In addition to a lot of water, there is also a lot of forest on this LandStreifer, with the associated forest landscape that couldn't be more beautiful! Really primeval in some places with plenty of room for native game and rare species - and room for you to enjoy the peace, forest air and view.

Experience tips:

  • Viewing platform on the Lippe, approx. 300 m off the route
  • Olfen Nature Park House, approx. 1,3 km off the route
  • Olfen natural pool, approx. 1,4 km off the route
  • Füchtelner Mühle, approx. 1 km off the route

Before you can't see the wood for the trees, we recommend simply downloading the LandStreifer's GPX track. You can find it here on the right in the "Downloads" section.

So you are guaranteed to get back to the start/finish point.



Distance: 10.7 kmDuration: 02:45 hStart: Eversumer Straße forest car park, 59399 OlfenDestination: Eversumer Straße forest car park, 59399 OlfenDifficulty: mediumAscent: 40 mDescent: 40 mLandStreifer

Your Hosts

At this LandStreifer you will find the following hosts:

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