LandStreifer – “Zeitreise"

5.2 km01: 20 hEasy

Here you can experience landscapes with history. A hike through the time of landscape design.

Over almost 6 kilometers at the interface of the Lower Rhine and Münsterland in the Hohe Mark Nature Park, rustic paths and paths in the Büngerner/Dingdener Heide lead you through the landscape history of the last 700 years in different time zones.

In addition to impressively changing landscapes, you will learn what a Hudewald is and why dense mixed forest once became a barren heathland. This was followed by pine forest, grassland and, with modern agriculture, arable land.

In parts of the Büngerner/Dingdener Heide you could think that time stood still 100, 250 or 600 years ago, here you can experience the history of the landscape up close. It is to be wished for the future that a new "time zone" can be realized soon: A land-based agriculture that is environmentally friendly and yet viable, for the benefit of people and the benefit of nature.

Already knew?
In the Middle Ages, the fields - the so-called Plaggeneschen - were fenced in to keep out the freely roaming cattle. Rye, buckwheat and oats were the main crops grown on these fields, which were shaped like a watch glass

Kleine Dingedener Heide nature reserve
On your way you cross the nature reserve "Kleine Dingedener Heide". The wet heath area is dominated by moor grass. There come rare and endangered rush species, Brown beak reedLung Gentian and Medium sundew Before. On drier ones dwarf heathers you can ask heatherBlueberry and cranberry see. the Curlew and reptiles like that Sand lizardsmooth snake and adder are at home here; the existing ditches and small areas of still water are important habitats for amphibians such as common frogs and smooth newts.

extension tour
Would you like to take a longer tour and explore the entire Büngerner/Dingdener Heide? Then we invite you to a hike through fresh, damp to wet grassland areas. copses and hedge structures structure the terrain, create valuable habitats for rare bird species and offer breathtaking views of the landscape.

Your path, now on farm roads, leads past an old draw well. You can climb a large viewing platform from which you can see far over the wet meadows of the heath. And with a bit of luck, the Adebar family will also show up. In the Büngerner/Dingdener Heide there has been one for several years pair of storks, which gives birth to her young and raises them here.
For the extended tour, simply follow the local hiking trail sign "A7".



Distance: 5.2 kmDuration: 01:20 hStart: Klausenhofstraße car park at the corner of Zum Venn, 46499 Hamminkeln-DingdenDestination: Klausenhofstraße car park at the corner of Zum Venn, 46499 Hamminkeln-DingdenDifficulty: EasyAscent: 30 mDescent: 30 mLandStreifer

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