LandStreifer – “Üfter Mark”

13.8 km03: 32 hMedium

The king of the forest invites you and depending on the season, his kingdom changes the experience dress. 13,8 km hiking in the forest, feel, enjoy and relax. More than a simple walk.

Landstreifer with a difference: If you like it, you can hike through a dreamlike forest landscape on our Landstreifer: the Üfter Mark. Here you can feel the forest, hug trees, pick up leaves or stick your fingers into the forest floor. Have you ever tried it – forest bathing?
Take a deep breath, listen to the rustling of the leaves, walk through nature with your eyes open and consciously absorb the forest in you. What can you see, hear or feel? An experience that you will never forget.

Already knew?
Experiencing the forest intensively has been proven to have a positive impact on health – not just for people suffering from stress – and is considered a form of therapy in Japan.

Part of your way takes you along the ant barefoot path. This invites you to intensively feel the forest floor under your bare feet. The natural history trail leads over very different types of soil and provides you with a lot of interesting information about the life of red wood ants and other wild animals.

The observation hut "Rhode pulpit“. With a bit of luck you can see red deer from here. One of the most beautiful natural spectacles is the deer rut in September/October, when summer slowly gives way to autumn. Then the loud roar of the male deer echoes through the forest.
Good to know: You already walk part of the round on the barefoot ant path. If you like, you can also hike the entire round from the Landstreifer or hike in addition.



Distance: 13.8 kmDuration: 03:32 hStart: Nottkamp car park, 46514 SchermbeckDestination: Nottkamp car park, 46514 SchermbeckDifficulty: mediumAscent: 60 mDescent: 60 mLandStreifer

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