LandStreifer "Tiefe Berge, hohe Täler"

15.9 kmapprox. 04:00 a.mMedium

Are you longing for mountains and valleys? It will be satisfied on this route! It goes up and down ... through a fabulous landscape over almost 16 km.

The Hohe Mark Nature Park also has its mountains! Not quite as high, but also not so completely without! You don't have to drive far to breathe in the mountain air. Try this LandStreifer.

The LandStreifer takes you over sandy paths, narrow forest paths, through fields and meadows and over the highest mountains of the Hohe Mark, always uphill and downhill. Just as gnarled as some trees, an old nature trail accompanies you on part of the way.

Ferns grow magically under the trees in the forest. Narrow Pättkes are framed by wild plants, dead wood and mosses. The most beautiful forest air catches you!

This mountain and valley tour is also somewhat mystical: at the foot of the Waldbeerenberg in the Hohe Mark there is a group of strange trees, the shape of which is reminiscent of dancing witches. Grown serpentine, horizontal, camel-humped, bizarre and about 300 years old, they range in height from eight to 16 meters. Real natural monuments!

Forest accompanies you and you will always find wonderful places for a little breather, overwhelmed by the beautiful views.

With a little luck, you might even encounter one or the other wild animal. If you have your camera ready at this moment, you can take a real snapshot.

Before you can't see the wood for the trees, we recommend simply downloading the LandStreifer's GPX track. You can find it here on the right in the "Downloads" section.

So you are guaranteed to get back to the start/finish point.

Due to changes in land use, we have to guide you along a section of the LandStreifer on a nearby path!

Follow the A6 signs to Granatstrasse and then turn right again towards “Hexenbuchen”! From then on you can follow the signs again!

Here, a Google My Maps map shows what the alternative route looks like!



Distance: 15.9 kmDuration: approx. 04:00 hStart: Parking lot at "Hof Hagedorn" Rekener Str. 117, 45721 Haltern am SeeDestination: Parking lot at "Hof Hagedorn" Rekener Str. 117, 45721 Haltern am SeeDifficulty: mediumAscent: 210 mDescent: 210 mLandStreifer

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