LandStreifer - "Haard an der Grenze"

11.2 km02: 56 hMedium

Hiking for beginners, nature lovers, last-minute hikers: Our LandStreifer "Haard an der Grenze" makes you want more.

You hike 11,3 kilometers on leisurely paths through the south-eastern part of the Haard. Changing landscapes and exciting nature experiences accompany you, which the various experience and information points report on: Here in the Haard, for example, a "climate avenue" is growing from tree species of the future, a stag beetle cradle ensures the preservation of a beetle that has become rare and a high seat invites you to observe wild animals like a hunter. You can look at everything from a different perspective. Who knows, you might catch a glimpse of a deer. Do you have your camera with you?

Access to your LandStreifer "Haard an der Grenz" begins at the hiking car park at "Mother Wehner", this is where you start your tour: straight ahead, through romantic woodland, past open spaces and back into the forest. A nice change that accompanies you.
A first experience point on your way shows you which trees are the hope of the Haard in times of climate change. Here grows an area with different tree species that were selected by foresters to be able to defy the extremes of the weather. Did you know that the Haard, with a total forest area of ​​over 5.500 hectares, is the largest closed forest area in the forest band through the Hohe Mark Nature Park? A beautiful, rich source for people who love nature. And what awaits you at the next adventure point? Quite a mess, that's for sure. Walk towards it and see for yourself!

On your LandStreifer you come to the Haard hills. This is where the “Schwarzer Berg” nature reserve is located. A magical place that preserves rare and endangered animal and plant species. Let yourself be surprised by the enchanted atmosphere and enjoy the view.
Through the beautiful landscape, the path leads you around the nature reserve Brinksknapp with the Haardsee. Originally, the lake was a blast crater that has developed into a body of water and has become an important spawning ground for dragonflies and amphibians. It was placed under nature protection in 1988.

Take your time for your hike on the LandStreifer "Haard an der Grenz": There are interesting things to learn at adventure and information points and on the forest promenade you can marvel, observe, look through, research, and much more.

The comfortable benches ensure a nice rest with a good view.

What are you waiting for?



Distance: 11.2 kmDuration: 02:56 hStart: Hiking car park "Mother Wehner" Haardstr. 196/198, 45739 Oer-ErkenschwickDestination: “Mother Wehner” hiking car park, Haardstr. 196/198, 45739 Oer-ErkenschwickDifficulty: mediumAscent: 100 mDescent: 100 mLandStreifer

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