LandStreifer "Des Herzogs englische Parkanlagen"

4.4 kmapprox. 01:00 a.mEasy

Wanderers with a sense of family and a real animal adventure tour for all little explorers.

The Dülmener Wildpark: a wonderfully picturesque landscape park, which is one of the most beautiful areas in the Münsterland.

Small hills and groups of trees, ponds and meadows with individual trees describe an environment that cannot be more beautiful for you to hike and it is reminiscent of English parks. That is not by accident!

In 1864, the English garden architect Edward Milner developed the design, which has survived to this day! At that time the park was planned as a country residence for the Duke of Croÿ. The heart pond with the wooden bridge is particularly idyllic and formative. The execution was carried out by the gardener Charles Barnard, who also has an influence on the design.

Today the wildlife park is freely accessible to everyone. Since 1920, wild animals such as fallow deer, red deer and moorland sheep have also been settled here and can roam freely in the park. There is also a lot of peace and a beautiful landscape to leave everyday life behind and enjoy nature.

Children will love this LandStreifer too! Here you can observe wild animals, the paths are easy to walk on and there are still a lot of naturally exciting things to discover.

The Landstreifer runs exclusively through the wildlife park Dülmen. But if the wanderlust has really grabbed you, then you can take the A6 extension path and simply continue hiking.

Experience tips:

  • Wildlife Park Rally (all information on
  • If you want to hike further, you can take the Extension route A6 to take
  • The Oedler pond with viewing platform (on the extension A6)
  • observation of Wildlife up close

Before you set off, we recommend simply downloading the LandStreifer's GPX track. You can find it here on the right in the "Downloads" section.

So you are guaranteed to get back to the start/finish point.



Distance: 4.4 kmDuration: approx. 01:00 hStart: Parking lot at the wildlife park Dülmen An der Ziegenweide, 48249 DülmenDestination: parking lot at the wildlife park Dülmen An der Ziegenweide, 48249 DülmenDifficulty: EasyAscent: 20 mDescent: 20 mLandStreifer

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