LandStreifer - "Burgenpatt"

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Two castles and their park landscape, nature and culture, idyllic lakes and hiking. LandStreifer like from another time.

Lüdinghausen Castle: A nice starting point for the start of your hike on this LandStreifer. Lüdinghausen Castle is a typical Renaissance castle. It is surrounded by a beautiful park that used to be the fortification system. The castle is referred to by the people of Lüdinghausen as the "castle of the citizens". Today it is a socio-cultural center, offering rooms for art and culture with a changing program and exhibitions.

You can visit parts of the castle during fixed opening times. A tour around the castle and through the Parc de Taverny, which was named after Lüdinghausen's French twin town, is also very nice.

On your hike towards Klutensee you should definitely make a short detour to the nature park house "Biologisches Zentrum Kreis Coesfeld eV". The natural garden with its colorful flower meadows, the insect exhibition, insect-friendly perennials and wild bee hotels are particularly worth seeing. Everywhere you will find information boards on garden topics. Quiet zones invite you to linger.

For children there are adventure stations with advice, observation and exercise offers.

You continue to the Klutensee. Enjoy the peace and the sound of nature. Small bays and wonderful green surround the lake. You will always find an even more beautiful spot. Here you can watch waterfowl that use the lake as a breeding ground.

Between meadows and fields, on small paths, accompanied by water for a while, the Burgenpatt takes you through a wonderfully rural area with incomparable charm.

Then hike to the next namesake of this LandStreifer, Vischering Castle. It is considered the ideal of a Münsterland moated castle. Today it is a cultural center and home to the Münsterland Museum, but centuries ago it had a completely different purpose, namely that of a fortress. It appears defiant with its drawbridge, loopholes and battlements. Built on a foundation of piles, it has residential and farm buildings on separate islands and an extensive system of moats.

If you like, you can walk around and explore the castle before heading back to Lüdinghausen Castle along the Steelenweg. The Steelenweg shows bronze heads on sandstone of personalities who are connected to Lüdinghausen.



Distance: 9.26 kmDuration: approx. 02:30 hStart: "Burg Lüdinghausen" car park, Steverstraße 24, 59348 LüdinghausenDestination: “Burg Lüdinghausen” car park, Steverstraße 24, 59348 LüdinghausenDifficulty: mediumAscent: 40 mDescent: 40 mLandStreifer

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