Diverse circular hiking trails

The LandStreifer in the Hohe Mark Nature Park

Laid out as circular hiking trails, our LandStreifer are always good for a scenic, but also cultural surprise. Our excursions into nature, which are between four and six kilometers long, are particularly suitable for beginners or families with children. Take your family, for example, on a "journey through time" around the Dingdener and Büngerner Heide with all kinds of adventure stations and an exciting stork's nest.

Experienced hikers enjoy their own personal hiking experience on our day tours of between nine and 16 kilometers. How does an adventure in the enchanted moorland of the Diersfordt Forest with its rustic boardwalks sound?

Before you set off, we always recommend downloading the LandStreifer's GPX track. So you are guaranteed to get back to the start/finish point.

What's left to say now? Pack your backpack and let's go!

LandStreifer+ “Across Botany”

26,4 km6:45schwer

Picturesque waterways, idyllic river landscapes, fragrant forests and historical architecture await hikers. Going on a really big tour? You can do that on our country road...

LandStreifer – “Zeitreise"

5,2 km01:20Easy

Here you can experience landscapes with history. A hike through the time of landscape design. Over almost 6 kilometers at the interface of the Lower Rhine and Münsterland...

LandStreifer – “Üfter Mark”

13,8 km03:32Medium

The king of the forest invites you and depending on the season, his kingdom changes the experience dress. 13,8 km hiking in the forest, feel, enjoy and relax. More than a simple walk. tramp with...

LandStreifer - "Haard an der Grenze"

11,2 km02:56Medium

Hiking for beginners, those who are hungry for nature and those who decide to go on short notice: Our LandStreifer “Haard an der Grenz” makes you want more. On leisurely paths you hike 11,3 kilometers through the south-east ...

LandStreifer "Wild Wald Weitsicht"

11,9 kmabout 03:00 p.m.Medium

High up or along narrow forest paths? Almost 12 km long LandStreifer with lots of greenery and small hills between Reken, Dorsten-Lembeck and Haltern am See. It doesn't get any greener than that...

LandStreifer "Des Herzogs englische Parkanlagen"

4,4 kmabout 01:00 p.m.Easy

Wanderers with a sense of family and a real animal adventure tour for all little explorers. The Dülmener Wildpark: a wonderfully picturesque landscape park, which is one of the most beautiful facilities in...

LandStreifer - "Burgenpatt"

9,3 kmabout 02:30 p.m.Medium

Two castles and their park landscape, nature and culture, idyllic lakes and hiking. LandStreifer like from another time. Castle Lüdinghausen: A nice starting point for the beginning of your hike ...

LandStreifer "Zwischen Stever und Lippe"

10,7 km02:45Medium

Enjoy the landscape between Lippe and Stever. Hike through meadow landscapes and primeval forests. The world between two rivers - beautiful to look at and with its own unique charm. great...

LandStreifer "Auf den Spuren Graf Alexander II"

6,3 kmabout 01:30 p.m.Easy

Enjoy the magic of nature, learn exciting stories about the historic Raesfeld moated castle and its Renaissance zoo: hike through the forest, moats and alleys, enjoy culinary delights...

LandStreifer "Tiefe Berge, hohe Täler"

15,9 kmabout 04:00 p.m.Medium

Are you longing for mountains and valleys? It will be satisfied on this route! It goes up and down ... through a fabulous landscape over almost 16 km. The Hohe Mark Nature Park also has its mountains...

LandStreifer "Dein Bett mit Aussicht"

9,3 km02:30Medium

Fresh air, birdsong, the scent of wood and essential oils: a special kind of nature experience awaits young and old here. Immerse yourself in the forest atmosphere and go on a discovery...

LandStreifer - "Diersfordter Wald"

14,9 km04:00schwer

Wooden planks show you the way through the moor, a gem is waiting and a wonderful forest landscape is revealed to you. This hike gives you beautiful insights and is full of surprises....