Diverse circular hiking trails

The LandStreifer in the Hohe Mark Nature Park

There is also a lot to discover beyond the Hohe Mark Steig. Designed as circular hiking trails, our LandStreifer are always good for a scenic surprise. Here you go on a tour of discovery, discover new regions and get delightful insights into the diversity of the Hohe Mark Nature Park.

LandStreifer – “Time Travel”

5,2 km01:20Easy

Here you can experience landscapes with history. A hike through the time of landscape design. Over almost 6 kilometers at the interface of the Lower Rhine and Münsterland...

LandStreifer – “Üfter Mark”

13,8 km03:32Medium

The king of the forest invites you and depending on the season, his kingdom changes the experience dress. 13,8 km hiking in the forest, feel, enjoy and relax. More than a simple walk. tramp with...

LandStreifer - "Haard on the border"

11,2 km02:56Medium

Hiking for beginners, those who are hungry for nature and those who decide to go on short notice: Our LandStreifer “Haard an der Grenz” makes you want more. On leisurely paths you hike 11,3 kilometers through the south-east ...

LandStreifer - "Castle Patt"

9,3 kmabout 02:30 p.m.Medium

Two castles and their park landscape, nature and culture, idyllic lakes and hiking. LandStreifer like from another time. Castle Lüdinghausen: A nice starting point for the beginning of your hike ...

LandStreifer - "Diersford Forest"

14,9 km04:00schwer

Wooden planks show you the way through the moor, a gem is waiting and a wonderful forest landscape is revealed to you. This hike gives you beautiful insights and is full of surprises....