From Wesel to Olfen

The stages at a glance

From stage to stage, constantly experience something new! Discover the landscapes of the Lower Rhine, the Münsterland and the northern Ruhr area on six stages and a water route.

Stage 01: gems around the Hanseatic city of Wesel am Rhein

23,4 kmapprox. 06:00 a.mschwer

Hike at the Auesee and along the Rheinaue; discover a natural gem and rare species. Experience the beautiful region of the Lower Rhine on your stage: wide landscapes, gnarly...

Stage 02: Artfully across the country and through the new wilderness

25,5 kmapprox. 06:30 a.mschwer

From the bear lock it goes over the Issel; enjoy art and culture at the Pankok Museum; experience New Wilderness in Gloamwood; listen to the rippling of the Mühlenbach. On this stage there is alternation ...

Stage 03: Through the Üfter Mark deer area into the Münsterland

19,2 kmapprox. 05:00 a.mMedium

Experience the deer area of ​​Üfter Mark; discover moors and streams; enjoy the impressive sight of Lembeck Castle. Do you fancy a stage with dunes, forest and a view of the castle? Then the ...

Stage 04: Panoramic experiences over the roofs of the forest

22,9 kmapprox. 06:00 a.mschwer

Immerse yourself in bizarre juniper landscapes with small and large discoveries; idyllic floodplain landscapes and forests as far as the eye can see. Take your adventure hike on the Hohe Mark Steig ...


Stage 05: A fairytale sea of ​​colors on the edge of the Ruhr area

22,1 kmapprox. 06:00 a.mschwer

Enjoy impressive lake panoramas; explore the Haard on narrow paths; roam the heathland and let yourself be carried through the different landscapes. In Haltern am See begins ...

Stage 06: Historic architecture in a picturesque landscape

27,8 kmapprox. 07:15 a.mschwer

Let yourself be enchanted by local forests; experience the variety of picturesque waterways and discover idyllic floodplain landscapes. From the Haard to the Steverauen in Olfen, this ...

Water route: A delightful view - water as far as the eye can see

18,0 kmapprox. 04:45 a.mMedium

Wander the Shire; experience a water landscape from its most beautiful side, discover rare species. An Eldorado for all water fans, that is the stage between Olfen and Haltern am S ...