Arrival by public transport from Essen

Conquer individual stages and use bus and train

Stage 1

You can travel by train to Wesel train station, from there it is about four kilometers that you have to walk or take a taxi to get to the Auesee, where the Hohe Mark Steig starts. From Essen, for example, the train runs every half hour in 55 minutes to Wesel. For the way back you leave the Hohe Mark Steig about 5 km from the end of the stage, at the corner of Landwehr/Bruchweg you walk 2,1 km in the direction of Blumenkamp station, from where you are back in Essen in about an hour every hour.

Stage 2

You take the train from the direction of Essen and travel to the Blumenkamp train station in Wesel. From there you walk about 2 km via the yellow signposted access path to the Hohe Mark Steig. Then it is about 5 km to the Bärenschleuse, where you change from the first to the second stage of the Hohe Mark Steig. After about 12 km you will reach the Gasthof Pannebäcker and/or the hotel "Zum Fuchsbau". We recommend an overnight stay here so that you can enjoy the next 13 kilometers of the hiking trail, which will lead you to the end of stage 2 to Schermbeck, rested and well-rested the next morning. From there you can take the SB 18 from the Heggenkamp stop to Dorsten ZOB every half hour, from where you can also return to Essen every half hour.

Stage 3

The train takes you from Essen to Dorsten ZOB, from where the SB 18 takes you to Schermbeck, Heggenkamp stop. You need about 1 hour, the train runs every hour. From the Heggenkamp stop in Schermbeck, you walk 700 meters to the Hohe Mark Steig, the start of stage 3, which takes you over around 20 kilometers of wonderful hiking trails to the Dorsten-Lembeck train station. A train runs every hour in about 55 minutes back to Essen.

Stage 4

There is a train every hour from Essen to Dorsten-Lembeck station, where the fourth stage of the Hohe Mark Steig starts. This is around 23 kilometers long, the end of the route is in Haltern am See. There is a train station in Seestadt from where a train leaves for Essen every 20 minutes, journey time only 35 minutes.

Stage 5

The train from Essen to Haltern am See takes 35 minutes and runs every half hour. You walk about 23 kilometers on this stage and end up in Oer-Erkenschwick. There is a bus every hour from the bus stop at Stimbergpark to Recklinghausen train station, where there is another train to Essen that runs every half hour.

Stage 6

From Essen it is a 15-minute drive to Recklinghausen train station, from where bus line 231 runs every half hour to Oer-Erkenschwick to the Maritimo stop, from here it is a 3-minute walk to the Hohe Mark Steig. At 27,8 km, the sixth stage is the longest on the Hohe Mark Steig, so we recommend taking Kanalstrasse about four kilometers before the end of the stage. in the direction of Selmer Str. to get to the Robert-Bosch-Str. stop. to get. A bus runs from here to Selm station, from where a train runs via Dortmund station to Essen station. Or you can opt for a more relaxed version: spend the night in Olfen on Kanalstraße in the Olfen Lodge, recharge your batteries and set off the next day to conquer the last kilometers of stage 6, which is followed by the 18 km long water route , the end of which is back in Haltern am See. Here you can catch a train again at the station, which will take you comfortably to Essen in 35 minutes.

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